Fashion Friday: Kennedy Posey ’17

This week, WSS interviews Kennedy Posey ’17 about her contemporary and chic fashion style.

Pareen Mhatre, Photo Editor, Online Managing Editor

WSS: When did you start being interested in fashion?

Kennedy Posey ‘17: Ever since I was really little, I have always been interested in fashion. I actually wanted to be a fashion designer when I was really young. I used to draw little pictures of outfits in little booklets. I still have them, actually. I used to do that all the time, but I wasn’t actually really fashionable, until recently.  My parents are really into fashion, so it’s just been something I’ve always had an interest in.

WSS: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

KP: My favorite stores are definitely Forever21 and Urban Outfitters. Forever21 is really inexpensive in terms of clothing. I think they have some really cool stuff and they have a lot of it, so I’m able to find things of all different trends, like some grunge stuff and some newer stuff. Urban Outfitters has really high-quality clothes and I think they have some stuff that’s a little more modern. I just love those two stores so much.

WSS: Do you look up to anyone for fashion inspiration?

KP: I look up to Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson because they have the coolest street style ever, and I love them.

WSS: What is your favorite item of clothing that you own?

KP: Probably my denim jacket that my dad painted in the 90’s. It’s really big and it has a picture of some Egyptian queen — I don’t know who it is — but it’s so cool. He made it and that’s unique and you’re never going to have something like that.

WSS: What’s your favorite type of clothing?

KP: Right now, I think it’s flowy shorts and skirts, for sure. You can play a lot with patterns and that’s something that you can’t really do with shirts as much, so yeah, definitely skirts and shorts right now.

WSS: What’s one current fashion trend you do not like?

KP: Stripes. 100% stripes. I hate them so much. I will never wear stripes. And that’s a ‘thing’ that’s been on New York Fashion Week. They’re like ‘oh, stripes are going to be hot in 2017’ and I’m like, ‘I think the heck not’.

WSS: What’s one current fashion trend you do like?

KP: 90’s. Love it. I love it so much. I think they’re so cool and I think it gives you an opportunity to play around with so many different things.

WSS: What’s your go-to outfit?

KP: My go-to outfit is definitely a romper and a sweatshirt or sweater. It’s really casual and it looks put together, but it took two seconds to throw it on and it’s really comfortable.

Fashion is just another form of art.”

— Kennedy Posey '17

WSS: You talked about how you like jewelry, but do you consider it everyday?

KP: Oh yeah. 100%. I definitely consider jewelry everyday, because I think it’ll just add a pop of color, another pop of texture that you might not have in your normal outfit, and I think it’s really fun. [For example], I have too many chokers and too many necklaces and it’s ridiculous.

WSS: Do you online shop or shop in-store?

KP: I love online shopping. For Urban Outfitters, we don’t have it in state, so I go online for that. And sometimes I just look up things on Etsy or Amazon.

WSS: What’s your favorite clothing item you purchased recently?

KP: My pink suede shoes from Urban Outfitters. They’re just so fun and they’re so comfortable. I haven’t seen them around much – I’m hoping to make a new trend.

WSS: How has your style evolved?

KP: My style has evolved so much. Freshman year, I wore a lot of tie dye and animal print, I’d say a ‘stoner’ style. Sophomore year was a little more Bohemian with a lot of floral prints, which I still love [today]. Last year and this year, it’s definitely been a lot more trendier [by] playing around with patterns. I think [my style is] more put together [now because it] used to be really casual, but I dress up a lot more now.

WSS: What does fashion mean to you?
KP: Fashion is just another form of art. I think it’s a cool way to express yourself and just have fun and play with different trends. It shows you who you are.