10 reasons why Valentine’s Day is the worst

Two WSS staffers share their opinion on a holiday that the world loves to hate.


Pareen Mhatre

Gifting chocolate is a popular way to show affection on Valentine’s Day.

1) People shouldn’t need a holiday to show love.

If you’re only doing something to make your significant other happy once every February, you’re doing something wrong. Healthy relationships take a lot more work than some flowers and a box of candy once a year.

2) It’s super anti-single for no reason.

Being single has undeniable perks, but the world seems to forget that during this time of year. Anyone not in a relationship has to choose between feeling bummed out about their single status or getting flack about feeling confident being alone. Why can’t we celebrate love without slamming the solitude of others?

3) It turns relationships into competitions.

Everyone wants it to always look like their life is perfect to those around them. Holidays like this one turn acts of affection into games of jealousy as couples see that their gifts to each other don’t live up to what John surprised Jamie with this year.

4) Candy becomes way overpriced.

There’s nearly nothing us single folks want more during this time than a giant bag of our favorite candy, but every store you possibly turn to has candy prices racked through the roofs! On the bright side, at least there are tons of good deals by the time the 15th rolls around.

5) It fuels the demon of capitalism.

Okay, so maybe that statement is a little harsh, but it shouldn’t take a grand, money-filled gesture to show someone how much you love them. Valentine’s Day has commercialized our expectations of love well past what we should consider normal.


6) All the good restaurants are full.

If you want to go out with some friends or your family, you better make those reservations weeks in advance. There’s no time for last minute plans, unless you’re craving a McDouble.

7) Along with candy, flowers are overpriced.

We are strong advocates for buying yourself flowers. Treat yourself, show yourself a little appreciation (especially in the time of single-demonization). But really, $15 for a half dozen roses that will die in a few days?Come on! We have college to pay for.

8) There are way too many obnoxious, overly affectionate couples.

If you think PDA on the regular is bad, just wait ‘til you witness Valentine’s Day in a high school. You turn one corner and you see Suzie mackin’ on Ryan. Turn another corner and you get stuck behind the couple that holds hands and takes up the whole hallway.

9) There are also tons of ooey gooey social media posts.

Again, we’re advocates for appreciating your significant other, but a post on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat with a hundred heart emojis is a bit much.

10) Pink and red are overrated.

Who decided pink and red would be good colors for Valentine’s Day? Everyone knows complementary colors look better together. Why couldn’t it be orange and blue? Or purple and yellow? The possibilities were endless, and we chose pink and red!?


Graphic by Fenna Semken.