The Iowa High School Press Association (IHSPA) was held October 27th. The yearbook staff (Epic) and newspaper staff (WSS) missed the entire school day to learn techniques from journalists and compete in small contests. The conference was held at the Iowa Memorial Union (IMU). There were over 200 students in the conference.

The West Side Story (WSS) won best writing in state and five on-the-spot contests (on-the-spot winners listed below). The IHSPA gave the WSS first place in state for the IHSPA’s Writing Sweepstakes Contest. Not only did the WSS receive first, but the WSS also received second in graphics and tied with The Little Hawk for honorable mention in photography. The newest addition to the WSS last year was the website. The WSS website won second in state, behind The Little Hawk.

  • Zora Hurst ’13 – first place in editorial cartoon drawing
  • Olive Carrollhach ’13 – second place in editorial cartoon drawing
  • Eleanor Marshall ’12 – first place in news writing
  • Dan Rothman ’12 – first place in opinion writing
  • Adam Canady ’12 – honorable mention in photography