How to: make an amazing mug cake

Feeling lazy, but that sweet tooth is starting to ache? Have you been craving that perfect balance of moisture and melted chocolate in a small and easy-to-make portion? The fix for you is cake in a mug.

The sudden urge to be creative and to make something with your own two hands proves to be difficult for those without any artistic or baking skills. However, there is a solution for those of us lacking a certain skill set, or for those who are especially lazy, and that is the mug cake. Some have claimed it the “world’s second best invention”, while others fall into “a deep void of despair” upon taking a bite, but only you can make the decision about which side of the debate champions. WSS is here to simply cover the “unbiased” facts, and give you one of the most perfected mug cake recipes on the internet. 

Extra tips:

1) try substituting almond milk for regular milk

2) add an extra 1/2 tablespoon of oil more than is in the recipe and the infographic

3) add a teaspoon of espresso powder

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