The West Theatre Department is nothing without the props crew. Growing in numbers every year, they create intricate props with precision. This show has lots of detailed props such as monster masks that the props crew is in charge of designing and creating.

“The most memorable part of props each year [for me] is always handling the weapons, this year we will have swords and daggers, there might even be an ax, we don’t know yet,” said Emma Gibson 20’.

The two biggest projects this year are a five-headed dragon which is the main enemy that Agnes battles on her quest, and all of the individual monster masks for enemies Agnes will encounter throughout her Dungeons & Dragons journey. 

These monsters include bear heads which, when added to a costume, will reach a height of about seven feet tall. The smaller masks have to be custom fit to each actor/actress’s face to make them more realistic before adding details like horns and snarling faces.

 “Oh, my biggest piece of advice is don’t put plaster on actors eyes. Long story short Schuyler [Houston ’21] may never let me plaster his face again,” Gibson said.