The set crew is critical to the Theatre West’s productions because they are in charge of building the backgrounds and the large scenery pieces for the play. They also work backstage during the show to move set pieces on and off the stage, and quickly solve any problems that may arise. In preparation for this play, they rush to build huge set pieces made to resemble the scenes of a Dungeons & Dragons game. 

“The largest sets are not that complex this year, but the screen that we plan to use for projection and some of those that have been constructed are really complex in the technical end,” said set and technical director Christian Aanestad. 

The set has many of its own difficulties that haven’t been explored yet in the Theatre West program. But this play is guaranteed to be a great memory for those involved. 

“The set is actually logistically much smaller than in past years, but the technical end is way more complex. Obviously with a five headed dragon, trying to give the illusion of something that would be scary and that people would want to kill, as well as all the monsters are extremely complex,” said Aanestad.