Screen play: fantasy football at West High

Students at West High compete in fantasy football by earning points base off of player’s performance in professional football games.


Joe Goodman

Fantasy football is an online game played by students at West High against one another.

Joe Goodman, Sports Editor

Fantasy football is a game of preparation, luck and a healthy amount of trash talk.

The Monday night thrills and last-second missed field goals that make up the highs and lows that prove the game is about more than just the wins and losses. It’s about the never-ending taunting, tantalizing lineup decisions and hopeful glory of winning one’s league and taking home the coveted cash prize.

Within West High, there is a range of different fantasy leagues, each with their own levels of trash talking and competitiveness. Below are quotes from some of the best (and worst) fantasy football players that we could find:

Vivien Ho
West High students share some of their favorite fantasy football memories and stories.