French classes visit Waterloo Center for the Arts

On Thursday December 12th, French students went to the Waterloo Center for the Arts to study Haitian art and culture.

Luke Krchak, Reporter and Columnist

On Thursday, December 12th, 44 French I and French IV students went to the Waterloo Center for the Arts to view and discuss Haitian art.

Before the trip, students learned French vocabulary for different topics of art, as well as some background on Haitian history and culture. The trip lasted the whole day with students split into two groups between the different levels.

“Their art has so many symbols from the different art pieces,” said French teacher Theresa Juhl. “Before the trip, I did not know this much about the Haitian culture.”

Tour guides led them through the art exhibit and described the different symbols and meanings in the art. At the end of the tour, they learned how to make Vèvè, a symbol that acts as a beacon in Haitian culture. When they came back on Friday, they discussed the big takeaways they learned from their trip. 

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