Students no longer able to request themselves for AFT

Administration hopes to investigate students who have found a workaround to being in an AFT.

Alex Carlon, Online Editor-in-Chief

Beginning the morning of Dec. 5, the ability for students to request themselves for Academic Focus Time (AFT) via FlexiSched has been disabled. This change comes as students have found “loopholes” to getting out of AFT. 

“We’re not super familiar with [the loopholes],” said assistant principal Luke DeVries. “We just need some time to look into them […] we don’t want people to be able to request themselves to nowhere.”

This change will remain until administration receives feedback from teachers and the existing problems can be investigated.

“I know it’s a useful feature that students can request themselves,” DeVries said. “For now we want [the change] to hold students accountable.”