Weighted GPA plan changes again

According to the new plan, the transcripts of the class of 2020 and after will be adjusted to retroactively weight any AP courses taken, and only AP courses will be weighted — not honors

Sophie Stephens, Online Managing Editor

On Jan. 10, 2019 the ICCSD decided to change to a weighted GPA system starting in the 2019-20 school year. On April 3, the district made changes to the initial guidelines for the transition. An email was sent to teachers outlining the new changes.

The district has decided to not include honors classes in the weighted GPA as was previously announced. Only AP classes will be weighted on the five point scale. The district said that because other high schools across the state do not consider honors classes on a five point scale, it would create an unfair advantage to West students.

Additionally, the district has decided to change their initial plan for past GPAs, and will be doing a retroactive weighted GPA, meaning the class of 2020 and after will have their previous GPAs changed to be weighted. The district says this will benefit students in competing with other school districts in the college process, as well as benefiting scholarship opportunities and tuition.

This is a developing story.