West High hosts second annual Trojan Games

Coming back for a second year, Trojan games is fan favorite for upperclassmen.

Isabella Tisdale, Features and Visuals editor

As bright pink and blue shirts fly around on a football field this Thursday night, students have more class spirit than ever. The Trojan games returned for their second year this Thursday and it did not disappoint. Trojan Games started last year as a way to strive for inclusivity in homecoming traditions.

First up was the Community Inclusion Club’s student-teacher basketball game.  This game is a West High tradition and has teamed up with Trojan Games this year. The Students won with a final score of 24-16. Secondly, was the volleyball game, where juniors and seniors played two sets. The seniors won both of them and beat the juniors in the games of volleyball. Finally, upperclassmen made their way down to the football field for a game of flag football. After a 40-minute game, juniors found their first victory of the night.