Iowa legislature bans schools from using anti-racist texts

With the passage of multiple bills in the Iowa Senate yesterday the classrooms here at west have already began to feel it’s effects.

Paige Albright, Managing Co-Editor, Podcast Editor

On Wednesday March 22, the Iowa Senate passed multiple bills that would directly affect schools. Including house bill H.J. 570, which bans topics such as critical race theory to be taught or discussed in the classroom. The effects of this ban as well as others targeting Trans youth took effect the very next day. Students and schools across the state are now mandated to follow such laws, creating a sense of wariness in the security once thought could be found in a school.

The Iowa City Community School District equity board has put the book “How to be an Anti-Racist” on hold as they must now review the legality of using the text. Classes here at West such as composition English classes were supposed to start the book today, however due to the passage of the amendment yesterday teachers must pivot and create new lesson plans.

Students at West share a sense of shock that a text preaching being a better community member and inclusion could be kept from the classroom.

“The first thing we were told this morning was that we are no longer allowed to read the book, it just doesn’t make sense that we are taking steps back in 2023. The book was about recognizing microaggressions and empathy, why would a government want to stop kids from learning this. It will only hurt the future were hoping to build,” said senior Annie Schwartz, a student in composition.