Bill banning diversity curriculum in Iowa

If signed by Governor Kim Reynolds, this new bill will limit diversity training in Iowa.

Vivian Polgreen, Managing Co-Editor, News Editor

Early this May, a bill was proposed that would limit diversity training in schools and government groups in Iowa. This bill was passed in the Iowa House of Representatives at 53 to 35 and the Iowa Senate by 30-18. Whether or not it becomes a law will be determined by whether it is signed by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. 

Under this bill, schools would not be able to teach students that the U.S., or the state of Iowa, is systemically racist or sexist. It also prohibits teaching that anyone is innately racist, sexist, or oppressive because of their race or sex, whether intentionally or not. Additionally, people should not feel guilty because of their race or sex.

It would also ban the teaching of critical race theory and the 1619 project

Those who oppose the bill argue that it would limit important discussions about implicit bias and structural racism, although the bill does not prevent teaching about sexism, slavery and racial oppression and discrimination.