Job shadow applications open

Job shadows are unique experiences that can help you decide what to do after high school.

Yaya Orszula, Sports Editor

Attending a job shadow is a fantastic opportunity to figure out what to do after high school for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Whether you’ve already discovered the perfect career path or have no idea where to start, accompanying someone on the job will help you confirm or decide what you don’t like.

Students in grades 10–12 at West received an email from the career coordinator, Russ Johnson detailing the application process.

First, visit the Kirkwood job shadowing page to see the careers you can explore. Then click on the “how to apply” button and it will show you the exact steps on how to apply. You’ll have to fill out some personal information (like address, date of graduation, email, etc.) if you haven’t logged in before.

Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll get an email confirmation and an email will be sent to your parent/guardian to confirm the application. The applications are due on Friday, Sept. 23 by 3 p.m.