Required learning: grades and credit options released

In an email sent to families on Monday, April 20, the district outlined several different learning options for students as they transition to mandatory online schooling.

An email sent to students, staff, and parents on April 20 outlined the guidelines for required online learning at the high school level. All grades for the third trimester will be updated on April 21 at 8 am. After this update students will be able to pick one of the following learning options for each class they are enrolled in and submit the option by survey. The survey will be sent to students after the grades update on Tuesday.

Course expectations can be found at the bottom of the document attached in the district email

For students who choose to participate in online classes, a schedule is set in place for weekly communication to students of course expectations according to the following schedule.

For information on classes including: Composition II, Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Computer Science Principles, and How College Works, visit this link

For information regarding junior high school students visit this link