District decides to continue voluntary online schooling

Alyssa Skala, Yearbook Managing Editor

ICCSD students have been out of school for 29 days, with a minimum of 19 days left before returning. The district made a decision on April 10 that they would keep class participation voluntary.

“As a district, we are committing to the Voluntary Educational Enrichment Opportunities option as outlined by the Iowa Department of Education (DE) through April 30, 2020.” Director of district community relations, Kristin Pedersen stated in a message sent out to staff and families on April 10. 

The DE guidelines are aimed to help and replace content that students are no longer in school to learn. Teachers have been communicating via email and canvas to schedule zoom meetings on their assigned enrichment days and the Iowa DE has created a page with more resources for students. 

“As of right now, we know that we must postpone Kindergarten Round-Up and high school prom celebrations until further notice” Pedersen said. 

Many questions arise from these decisions, and not everyone has answers. What’s known so far regarding high school students is that  online class participation will remain optional and graduation and prom will be postponed. For direct information from the ICCSD, visit the COVID-19 page.