“The Little Things”: The good, the bad and the dead

Luke Krchak ’21 reviews the new HBO Max film, “The Little Things”



“The Little Things” released on Jan. 29.

“The Little Things” is a movie that was released on HBO Max Jan. 29, 2021. It is a thriller/crime movie that delves into the world of homicide investigation. Joe “Deke” Deacon, played by Denzel Washington, joins Sergeant Jim Baxter, played by Rami Malek, to solve a connection in cases of serial killings terrorizing the highways.

The movie does a good job of making the characters feel real, rather than portraying cops as superheroes, or as villains, because saving more people from dying sometimes comes at a price. They also did a great job of separating Joe Deacon and Jim Baxter from the rest of the police force, making it feel like more of a personal struggle to catch the serial killer than a mission for the police force, keeping the focus on Deacon and Baxter.

Now it does have some gruesome scenes, that at times take away from the mystery and the suspense, but they do not overly affect the experience of the film. There are also scenes of dead people, so if that is something you don’t want to see, then this movie is not for you.

As for the actors, choosing Denzel Washington and Rami Malek was probably the best choice they could make. Washington does a next-level job of feeling cold and distant while being the perceptive one on the case. Malek does a good job of playing a cop who has experienced little or no hardships in the field like Washington’s character has. Both build off of each other, with Baxter being more book smart and Deacon being more street smart, fortifying them as a dynamic duo.

“The Little Things” is a movie I would recommend if you like crime thrillers. It is a pretty good movie with the suspense spilling off the screen, but it is definitely something you need to be in the mood to watch. That is why I am giving this movie an 8 out of 10.