“Soul” is a spark of new life

WSS staffer Luke Krchak ’21 reviews “Soul”, bringing light to Disney Pixar’s masterpiece.

Soul is streaming now on Disney+.

Disney Pixar

“Soul” is streaming now on Disney+.

One of the best things about having Disney+ is seeing the new Pixar movies when they release. Disney Pixar’s “Soul” was released on Dec. 25, 2020, and I watched it right away. It continues Disney-Pixar’s line of successful movies, with “Soul” being one of their top three movies for me. 

“Soul” goes through the life of a junior high music teacher whose life falls apart just as it was getting good, but “Soul” is also about jazz, and how jazz relates to living. A core part of the movie delves into the afterlife, and the “beforelife,” yet it navigates a narrow line of not being religious while keeping an open mind about its connection to religion. 

What makes this film so good is its down to earth story. The story oddly captures what it is like to live, the struggles to the beautiful passions to the people that make it worth living. It tells of family issues, the struggles of artists, the beginning and end of life, and does well to provide remedies to a series of universal hardships.

One of the parts I enjoyed about this film is the humor.  The fact that Joe Gardener, played by Jamie Foxx, can’t catch a break is hilarious. Also, 22, one of the unborn souls played by Tina Fey, is hilariously cynical, making observations on their surroundings and the world.

Having Foxx and Fey as the stars of the show is the best bridge from Pixar’s more child-oriented movies to more adult subject matter. One thing I noticed is that the voice actors lose their normal flair that makes their voices pop. In “Soul” it’s hard to tell that the characters are voiced by Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey.

The animation of “Soul” is some of the best I have seen from Pixar. They have found a way to capture 3D while staying on a 2D screen, and without 3D effects that would require 3D glasses. The characters’ bodies are still exaggerated in a cartoonish style, but there is a sense of realism in the environment.

I would recommend this film to anyone. It’s one of the best Disney-Pixar films I have seen, and I feel it has an appeal to people of all ages and interests. From its amazing animation and art style to its top of the line story, I give this film a 9.5 out of 10.