PS5: Staying unboxed

WSS staffer Luke Krchak ’21 provides an update on the PS5 he previously sent back for repairs.

My new PlayStation 5 is back, after the few weeks it was gone for repairs After the first one had graphics processing unit problems, I thought I would never get a working one, but for a little over a month, the replacement PS5 has worked as it’s supposed to.

Since its re-entry into my gaming life, I have bought a few new games: “Immortals Fenyx Rising,” “Hitman 3,” and “Borderlands 3.” Also after the long wait and fluctuation of stock on all PS5 products, I was able to buy the new PS5 headset with 3D audio, and the new PS5 media remote. Having the 3D audio is the final addition that completes the next-gen experience.

I also bought a fourth game, “Cyberpunk 2077.” I played that for about a week or two before the internet blew up with the many bugs and glitches the game has. I myself played it on the PS5 and it did not have as many bugs, but there was the issue of save files not having enough room to save all of your data by the end of the game.

With all that going on, I decided to opt for a refund, simply because of the many different lawsuits, the bugs that weren’t very likely to get fixed and the fact that CD Project Red started making the game in 2011.

Thankfully, however, there are many other great games that have come out since then. One in particular is “Immortals Fenyx Rising.” It offers an amazing open-world experience while having semi-realistic, semi-cartoonish graphics.

Being a game from Ubisoft, which has made games like the “Assassin’s Creed” series and the “Far Cry” series, it was a definite buy. A good number of games I have purchased are also available on the PS4 and other platforms, so if you have either system you can enjoy those games too.

It has been a great rebound for the PS5. After a rougher start, my system is now working and has a sizable library of games for me to choose from. If you can get your hands on a PS5, and enjoy gaming like I do, you should buy one.