West High BPA sweeps Nationals Competition

Students from West High’s Business Professionals of America club took home plenty of hardware at the Nationals Competition awards ceremony on May 8.


Alyssa Skala

BPA executive board members each painted a tile to make a collage as a team bonding exercise in 2019.

Camille Gretter, Online Editor-In-Chief

After a year away from the annual Nationals Competition, West High’s Business Professionals of America club blew away the competition and earned national titles. Below is the list of all events that placed in the top 12 or higher.

National Champion- Alex Carlon ’21: Presentation Management Individual

National Champion- Alex Carlon ’21: Administrative Support

Second Place- Isabelle Paulsen ’21, Schuyler Houston ’21, Sara Baroncini ’21, Abigail Mckeone ’21: Website Design Team

Third Place- Sophia Davis ’21, Mary Woodward ’21, Payton DeVena ’22: Small Business Management Team

Third place- John Woodward ’23: Presentation Management Individual

Top 10- Sara Baroncini ’21: Digital Media Production

Top 12- Ava Waddilove ’23, Mohana Sunkara ’23, Karen Liu ’24, Ella Scott ’23: Broadcast News Team

Top 12- Alex Curtu ’22, Margaret Liu ’21, Kevin Lu ’21, Silvia Tinelli ’21: Presentation Management Team