A review of “Free Lunch Express”, the anti-Bernie “satire”

WSS reviews the new, terrible, parody of Bernie Sanders life.


“Free Lunch Express” is a 2020 comedy that attempts to satirize the life and times of Bernie Sanders. Actually, forget everything I just said. “Free Lunch Express” is a horribly made straw man attack on Bernie Sanders that can’t be considered a satire, because it’s entirely based on misrepresentation.

An important thing to understand about this movie is that it’s not attempting to satirize Bernie. It’s attempting to satirize a twisted conservative caricature of Sanders. The Bernie of “Free Lunch Express” isn’t a hard worker who’s been advocating for the good of the people since his youth, he’s a welfare crook who accidentally bumbled his way into the senate. For example, in one scene in this movie, Bernie and his friends at the bar decide to start the “Liberty Union Party”. In real life, Bernie began this party to disrupt local elections in the state of Vermont, and to more normalize his agenda. However, in the movie, his reasoning is that he can commit campaign finance fraud, and use donations to pay off his tab.

Another one of the weirdest aspects of the movie is just how inconsistent it is. At times Bernie can talk to figures from history like George Washington and Joseph Stalin, but then halfway through the movie they just stop showing up. Sometimes Bernie is an evil power-hungry communist with a blood oath to overthrow the United States, and sometimes he’s a lazy bum who lucks into power. Almost as inconsistent is the storytelling. The movie starts out as a mockumentary before switching styles 30 minutes in, and it also has a completely useless narrator, who provides a bizarre, uninvested commentary.

It’s odd how this movie seems to know it’s lying. Not once in the entire movie is there a mention of any Bernie policies, or even an attempt to define what socialism is. Bernie’s entire career in Washington is brushed over in the last 15 minutes, and his two presidential campaigns get a combined 5 minutes of plot devoted to them. It’s almost as if this movie is based on a series of lies, and even slight pieces of truth completely dismantle the entire point of this movie.

This movie is a waste of time and a complete joke. No one is going to take this movie seriously. Only the most brain dead could look at the poster for this movie, one which features Bernie holding a Soviet lunch box, without immediately rolling their eyes. This movie doesn’t even work as propaganda, because even propaganda has to be subtle.