Teachers try TikTok

From learning dances to getting quizzed on TikTok fun facts, English teacher John Cooper and West High Principal Mitch Gross try being TikTokers for a day.

Helelia Wa Kalala and Ijin Shim

Ijin Shim and Helelia Wa Kalala

Being a teacher requires you to develop a variety of skills through individual experiences and connections to your students. However, dancing isn’t one of them. With TikTok being one of the most popular social media apps in the world, especially within Generation Z, high school teachers must try to understand the app to make better connections with their students. In this video, WSS staffers Ijin Shim ’24 and Helelia Wa Kalala ’23 transform John Cooper and Mitch Gross into TikTok boys. Their knowledge of TikTok pop culture is put to the test through a series of challenges such as the TikTok facts quiz and TikTok dances.