Furlong and Favonius

You may have seen the black-and-white booklets on display in your English rooms or the library. Maybe you noticed the brightly decorated manila envelopes quietly hanging on walls and bulletin boards around the school. Perhaps you’ve walked past the open door of room 107 after school on a Thursday and seen a group of people sitting in a loose circle, talking animatedly while analyzing and discussing literature. This is Favonius, West High’s literary and art magazine.

In the world of Favonius, Anna Furlong ’14 can pretty much do it all. Her talents include writing, drawing, designing pages, and this year, she has earned the position of editor of the magazine. However, Furlong brings more than her invaluable talent to the table: as editor, she has many goals for the publication this year and is driven to make sure each and every ambition is carried out. Her aims for Favonius include publishing issues more frequently than once a trimester, having more literary critiquing, as well as more contests and the possible release of mini-issues.

The club, which Furlong has been a member of since her freshman year, has a “very welcoming and social” atmosphere. “But we still do work,” she added with a smile. A typical club meeting consists of sitting in a circle on the floor and reading the submissions out loud and voting on whether they should be included in the issue. Favonius usually looks for a variety of content, from art to poetry to short stories.

Furlong points out that one doesn’t have to make it to every meeting in order to be part of the club. There are two ways to submit work: emailing it to [email protected] or leaving them in the manila envelopes that are displayed in most English rooms. She encourages anyone who is interested to submit their writing, even if they are unable to attend any meetings at all. For those who are available to attend, the meetings are in Mr. Lindsey’s room (107) on Thursdays after school.