Mental health concerns override annual Matchomatics fundraiser

1440-Interact’s annual Valentine’s Day match-making fundraiser was canceled due to faculty’s mental health concerns.

Alaina Greenlee and Camille Gretter

Mid-February is typically the season students are thrilled to receive and share their Matchomatics matches, but this year, West High’s match-making fundraiser never took off. After 1440-Interact’s preparation of posters and selecting where to donate the proceeds, West High faculty questioned whether the club should hold the annual fundraiser due to mental health concerns. With possible rejection or mockery in mind, faculty pulled the plug on 2022’s survey. Mixed student reactions followed the cancelation, but administration prioritized the mental health of its community over the short period of excitement.

Given the mental and emotional stress of this school year, adding possible rejection from an at random matching fund raiser felt just too risky a chance to take. Our students’ health and sense of belonging is paramount at all times, especially right now,

— Brooke Overholt, West High Secretary

Beyond slight disappointment, 1440 is hopeful in finding new ways to donate to local organizations around Johnson County.