West High’s spirit week recap

Iowa City West High holds spirit week in celebration of breast cancer awareness month.

Helelia Wa Kalala, Social Media Editor

Last week the West High Trojans came together to bring awareness to breast cancer awareness month through a spirit week. Monday started off with “country club vs. country,” then “soccer mom vs. barbecue dad” on Tuesday, “bikers vs. surfers” on Wednesday, “Zoom Class Day” on Thursday and ended the week with “pink out” for Breast cancer awareness.  Many teachers and students participated in the spirit week with these costumes making it a bigger hit for West High.

“I saw a ton of participation and people seemed really excited about every day,” says Maya Chu ’23, student government leadership team member. “I think we also got around $1,000 in donations for breast cancer awareness so that’s awesome.”

I love how spirit week lets everyone come together and makes our community feel stronger.

— Maya Chu '23

With drastic changes in the last few years, students did not have many opportunities to both have a fun spirit week and support an important cause. West High student government ensured that this year’s spirit week was a memorable high school experience for students. From homecoming activities to pep rallies, student gov. has been putting in the work to create a better environment for west high school students. 

“Student government is always looking for ways to improve,” said student government President Jayden Shin ‘23. “This time around, I think we took a step in the right direction, trying to find the right balance between enjoyment, uniqueness, and difficulty.” “Especially with online learning last year, there was an opportunity to interact with and I feel like spirit week gives students the opportunity to make us act as a unified school, not distant entities,” said Shin.

Many students found the spirit week fun because they got to dress up with their friends while showing school spirit.

“I think spirit week was a really fun way to dress up,” said Amelia Douglas ‘23. “My favorite day was ‘soccer mom vs. barbecue dad day.’”

I love West High. I love how many people dressed up. I love how many people donated. And I love how many supporters we had.  I really want to thank everyone who took time out of their day to participate in fostering a culture of community at West.

— Jayden Shin '23