G!World: It’s a girl’s world after all

Gworld is a mentoring group for girls who desire to have sisterhood bonds.

Howaida Musa, Podcaster, Videographer

The club name, G!World, stands for “Girl’s world.” It’s a club meant to help girls form a sisterhood. The program is a part of the Neighborhoods of Johnson County programs. It’s offered at all Iowa City School District middle schools and high schools. Every Monday after school at 4:15, meetings are in room 101 with a team of women. The coordinators are Gabrielle Williams, Sarah Siddig and Tessa. They work with girls every week and help them with various things in their lives.

G!world doesn’t only focus on sisterhood at school but outside of school too. It’s a safe space and place where everyone is welcomed

— Rowan Ibrahim '24

The coordinators always make sure the environment is comforting for all the girls. “It’s a safe space and place where everyone is welcomed,” said Rowan Ibrahim ’24, who’s been a part of G!World for two years. They also inform the group of any opportunities that do with education or career goals. Resources on mental health, academics and more are abundant and constantly promoted.

There are different parts of G!World and the first one is G!Life. It’s the after-school weekly group meetings that focus on group activities, discussions and field trips. The second one is G!Support which is case management for individual support along with youth advocacy and goal setting. There’s also G!Talk which is a lunch group that’s meant for discussions. Lastly, there’s G!Club which are monthly held events and field trips held with all the schools that are a part of G!World.

The next G!Club event will be on Nov. 18. One of the recurring highlights of G!World is My Beautiful Self (MBS). It’s an event meant to bring girls from different G!World groups together in one setting. Each year, the MBS summit has a different theme. This year’s theme is mental health. The activities, guest speakers and gifts given to the girls based on mental health. To find out more information on the summit, there’s papers in the main office.