Artist of the month: Polina Avdonina ’26

Art Club member Polina Avdonina ’26 details her love for art that has grown since she’s come to West.


Katherine Shoppa

In the first installment of Artist of the Month, WSS features freshman Polina Avdonina.

Katherine Shoppa, Print Co-Editor-In-Chief

WSS: When did you get into drawing?

Polina Avdonina (she/her): In my country [Kazakhstan], maybe once a week, we would draw, but not in school … It was kind of like art club. And we had one common table and would just sit and draw different things.

WSS: Did you have inspiration for starting art?

PA: My sister graduated from art school and now she’s taking graphic design … I think my older sister [influenced me]. I just saw her drawings; she liked to stick them to the walls. 

WSS: What are your favorite things to draw?

PA: I like to draw buildings … but sometimes they are not so good. Maybe cats too. I have [a cat].

WSS: What’s your favorite drawing style?

PA: [I like] painting or … drawing in black and white with black pens … I’m too lazy to sometimes color my pictures … I also like color pencils.

WSS: How have your art skills developed over time?

PA: I wasn’t drawing so much, just in club or at home. But I read in my health class that [art] helps to improve mental health and when you’re stressed, you just need to draw … so now I’m enjoying it more. 

WSS: Why did you join art club at West?

PA: Honestly, I just loved [the mascot] the art snail.

WSS: What’s your favorite thing about art club?

PA: People are more communicative. Like [in Kazakhstan] we were sitting quietly with music in the background … but I like the atmosphere [here].