Rising Star: Alex Pierce ’26

Alex Pierce ’26 is no stranger to the spotlight despite being a freshman. He has competed at high level tournaments and looks forward to adding medals to his resumé.


Yaya Orszula

Alex Pierce ’26 wins by major decision against his City High opponent on Jan. 12.

West Side Story: When did you first start wrestling?

Alex Pierce ’26: I started at six years old at the little kids’ wrestling club here [at West].

WSS: Who has been your biggest mentor or inspiration, either on or off the mat?

AP: My parents work hard and I like watching the Penn State team; that’s my favorite.

WSS: How was the transition from junior high wrestling to high school?

AP: It wasn’t too hard. I knew that I’d do good if I believe in myself and it’s been paying off: all the hard work.

WSS: Have you ever been intimidated by the experience of your opponent?

AP: Not really. I win a lot but [when] I go out there I’m just calm. I’m never worried. It’s not life or death. It’s just going out and having fun.

WSS: What’s the biggest thing that you’ve learned this year?

AP: I have to believe in myself. I know I can beat them. I have to know that my training will pay off and trust my coaches in what they’re doing.

WSS: What do you think is the most significant accomplishment that you’ve achieved this season?

AP: Winning the state title in the freestyle and Greco-Roman [last] summer, making it to the national finals [last summer] and winning Donnybrook.

WSS: What goals do you have for yourself or your team this season?

AP: Win state and then after that, this summer, I want to make the Pan-Am U15 team.

WSS: Do you have a mantra or quote that you like to live by?

AP: Hard work pays off.