West show choirs host annual Swing into Spring show

The annual Swing into Spring show featured two performances, several students’ special acts and celebrated GTC’s seniors.

Abby Guo and Alaina Greenlee

West High show choirs wrapped up a successful season with their annual performances for Swing into Spring on Feb. 26. Good Time Company and Showtime were joined by the Northwest Junior High show choir, InTime, for both the 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. shows. The two showings combined to showcase nine special acts put on by West High students.

Vox Novus, West’s acapella group, started the show with their performance of “Death of a Bachelor.” Special acts “Easy on Me,” performed by Ava Smithey and Leslie Kimura; “HeartBreaker,” performed by Kaitlyn Schmidt-Rundell, Micael Meneses, Thomas Gibson, and Xion Owens-Holst; and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” performed by Grey Groacki were showcased. Showtime performed its show “On the Run” and GTC performed its show “Volume 48” for the final time, followed by senior recognition where GTC’s seniors sang their freshman year ballad, “My Brother.”

I like the fourth song, The Fighter Remix with the trio and the soloist at the end. I just like the energy.

— Alyssa Hagiwara '23

Watch GTC’s Grand Champion-winning performance at Pella’s Dutch Masters show choir competition on Feb. 18 below, and Showtime’s Pella performance can be viewed here.