Which West staff member are you?

Outside of school, West staff members have unique personalities that shape who they are; take this quiz to find out which one you’re most like!


Paul Breitbach

When Guidance Counselor Paul Breitbach isn’t at West, he is relaxing and spending time with his family. He loves watching sports, being outside and eating ice cream. Breitbach strives to help and inspire the people around him.


Brooke Overholt

Secretary and Co-Office Manager Brooke Overholt enjoys morning coffee, music and trying different cuisines. Overholt loves warm weather, beaches and relaxing, making Fiji her ideal travel destination. Additionally, her favorite animal is an elephant.


Byron Butler

Byron Butler is a science teacher and a big sports fan. He enjoys watching football, as well as walking his dogs and preparing for the upcoming week. His dream travel destination is Switzerland; he has always wanted to connect with nature in the beautiful Swiss alps.


Camille Crossett

Social Studies Teacher Camille Crossett is a craft-oriented person. Her ideal weekend includes knitting and embroidering, along with taking long drives to new places. She wants to explore the beautiful landscapes of Ireland someday.