Low Stats High Rolls: Episode 7-The door test

Our heroes contend with a dangerous test, that could cost them their lives.

Lee Corlette, Podcaster

In this episode, our heroes recuperate from the previous tests, the Pearl Game, harsh beating upon them and lie down to lick their wounds and heal. Soon, they meet up with a new companion, Jania, played by Dexter Hanna ’24,  a friend from the Fey Realm who’s eager to travel with some companions as she climbs the Tower. While they make some (rather shady) deals with interdimensional beings who have as of yet unknown motives who hail from various planes, they also help the locals with lighting fixture issues that have persisted for several hundred years, and receive slightly questionable supplies as thanks for their “services”. Finally, they have their wits tested in a strange and dangerous test, that turns out to be quite confusing. The test’s name? The Door Test.  Will they make it out alive or fall to their doom? There’s but only one way to find out with this crew.