Student Government raises money for mental health awareness

During the final spirit week of the 2022-23 school year, the West High Student Government is raising money and providing resources for mental health awareness.



Maeve Christians ’25 sports a green bandana in support of mental health awareness

Ashlyn Brady, Features Editor

The West High Student Government announced a spirit week to commemorate the end of the 2022-23 school year as well as to promote mental health awareness. On the final day of the spirit week, Friday, May 26, Student Government members will be handing out green bandanas paired with cards that provide mental health resources. This is the return of a success from last school year, brought on by Lily Graham’s partnership with the Green Bandana Project of the University of Iowa. These bandanas will be free and will be handed out starting Thursday morning, continuing through lunches on Friday in the commons. 

In addition to the distribution of green bandanas, Student Government will also be selling green merchandise, including green beads and sunglasses. The proceeds from the sales will go towards mental health awareness programs and resources. 

Student Government Vice President Cindy Wang ‘24 explains both the purpose and the goal.

We want to show that we support mental health and [we] want to bring awareness towards mental health, especially in the month of May

— Cindy Wang '24