Family in unfamiliarity

As the girls golf season finishes up take a look at the team’s best memories and future goals.

Yaya Orszula, Sports Editor

Although the golf team did not make the state tournament, they are still proud of themselves for improving throughout the season. The team was relatively new this year, with most members having little golf experience. However, this shared unfamiliarity led to camaraderie within the group according to Gretchen Van Iddekinge ’23.

“We were all really close on the team because we were all beginners. We were kind of all learning together,” said Van Iddekinge.

She enjoyed the van and bus rides home from the meets as well because of the environment.

“Riding the bus [or] the van to our meets is really fun,” she said.

Both Megan Barnes ’23 and Van Iddekinge highlight their accomplishments and their goals for the future.

Barnes’ favorite part of the season was when she hit her lowest score on 18 holes against Liberty and City High. Though she didn’t break all of her goals, she’s still proud of what she accomplished.

“One of my goals was to try and break 55 which I did most of the season. I didn’t break one of my goals which I wasn’t really happy about but it kind of happens during the season,” said Barnes.

Barnes also emphasizes that having goals in the season keeps her focused.

“Having a couple of goals kind of really got me through the season,” she said.

Van Iddekinge hopes to score in the 40s next season but also wants to see the team improve.

“I’m excited to improve and see how people grow.”

Barnes plans to continue golfing for fun while Van Iddekinge is excited to progress next year.

I’m excited to see our team improve because we were all so new,” Van Iddekinge said.