No cap recap: spring sports are back

Sports editors Owen Aanestad ’22 and Camille Gretter ’23 break down the long awaited spring sports season after athletes lost their season to COVID-19 last year.


Owen Aanestad

Luca Chackalackal ’22 makes a play on the ball while playing doubles against Cedar Falls on April 6.

Owen Aanestad and Camille Gretter

On this episode of the No Cap Recap…

After falling victim to COVID-19 just a year ago, the spring sport athletes and coaches are back for another chance to compete in the sports they have missed so much. Sports editors Owen Aanestad ’22 and Camille Gretter ’23 highlight all the spring sports and some players to watch.

Tune in for more about your favorite sport or athlete below.

2:28 for boys soccer

3:34 for girls soccer

4:04 for boys tennis

4:49 for girls tennis

5:18 for girls golf

5:52 for boys track and field

6:50 for girls track and field