A successful season for show choir band


by Juliann Skarda

Singing, dancing and sequins make show choir a vibrant spectacle for audience members. However, hidden behind the risers are another set of musicians equally important to the success of the show. Perhaps some of the aforementioned also feel inclined to dance, but they have their hands full.

In the final competition of the 2013 season, the Good Time Company Varsity Show Choir Band won first place at the Great River Competition in Davenport, Iowa tonight. This long-awaited honor is not only the first of the season, but the first time the band has placed in 15 years.

“If felt amazing. All the work we put into the show finally paid off, and we were all extremely excited because the whole band had been wanting to win best band … to finally succeed was amazing,” said tenor saxophone player Chetti Milavetz ’13.