Here are ten different Valentines gift ideas for the loved ones in your life!
Here are ten different Valentine’s gift ideas for the loved ones in your life!
Maya Mueller

Giving love: a gift guide to the heart

With Valentine’s Day approaching, prepare a special present for your friends or loved ones with these personalized gifts!

Valentine’s Day is here, so here are ten different gift ideas for the loved ones in your life! This Valentine’s Day everyone deserves something a little special. No matter if it is for friends, family or partners, everyone needs some love.


Handmade Victorian Puzzle Cards: A cute way to make a personalized letter for your Valentine, these cards involve folding a piece of paper into a surprise. Decorate it with roses, other Valentine’s flowers and a cute message. You can add stickers or lace, anything your heart desires!


Valentine Baskets: A fun way to cater to your Valentine’s interests. It’s very simple to do; just fill the basket with chocolate and little loving gifts. Some of these gifts can be video games, a blanket, food and a stuffed animal. To add an extra layer of pizzazz you can add a cute sign to the front of the basket. 


“100 things I love about you” Jar: This is a great gift that doesn’t break the bank, and is totally personalized. Fill a medium-sized jar with 100 different things you love and notice about them. On the outside of the jar, you can decorate it with cute heart stickers, ribbons, and some 3D flower stickers. 


Scrapbook: Print or find your favorite pictures and paste some Polaroids, then add them to a plain notebook. Add some little mementos, such as a receipt from the restaurant you frequently go to, or a movie ticket from your first date. For significant others, make a timeline of the journey of your love story! Decorate the outside of the notebook with stickers and some dried flowers.


Painting: Painting is a great hands-on experience you can gift to your special someone. Put paint on your hands and make a heart. Paint dishware for each other and gift them to each other at the end of a combined painting session. Do simple portraits of each other, or paint flower pots for a partner with a green thumb. The opportunities are endless. 


Valentine’s Food Board: Make a fun board of pink, white and red foods, such as raspberries and apples, some cheese slices, candies or little crackers. Decorate it by cutting the foods into hearts, or twisting some of the snacks into a bow!


Custom CD: A perfect gift for music lovers, make a custom playlist that reminds you of your loved one, and burn it onto a CD. CD burners can be rented from places like the library, or bought from Amazon. After burning, decorate the CD case with your partner’s name and some stickers. 


Lego Flowers: A cute gift that can double as a date! Buy Lego flower sets from Amazon, Target or Barnes & Noble and package them up as a gift. Then, build them together with your partner as a forever flower. 


Indoor Picnic: An intricate way to bring the upcoming summer to you, an indoor picnic requires an empty space with a pretty view, such as a patio. Put down some blankets, buy a charcuterie board and a small cake, and play some music to enjoy the aura of a picnic while still staying warm. 


Custom Bouquet: A sweet way to cater to your partner’s interests and give a timeless gift in a modern form. Write small letters to your partner, and fold them into flower shapes for a little memento bouquet. For a pricier alternative, pierce wood skewers through some smaller gifts, such as makeup or surprise boxes, as a different bouquet alternative. If your partner is a fan of flowers, then a bouquet full of their favorite flowers along with some paper hearts is a timeless classic!


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