Highlighting West’s student artists

West High student artists are transforming the art world piece by piece. However, each artist has their own motivation for creating.
Art is one of the many forms of expression.
Art is one of the many forms of expression.
Airi Thompson

West High artists have many forms of art that capture their attention. These forms include: digital art, photography, stained glass, metalworking and more. To some, art can be a pastime, and for others, art is a passion and means something deeply to them. Below are examples of artwork from West High students and the reasons behind their creations.

Sophie Mellecker 26
Sophie Mellecker ’26

“Art is calming and peaceful.”

Landon Lee 26
Landon Lee ’26

“Art is a means of storytelling for me. It’s how I unjumble the thoughts in my head into a visual media.”

Airi Thompson 24
Airi Thompson ’24

“Art is probably an outlet for creativity/imagination. In a way kinda like talking but without words.”

Ryan Moore 27
Ryan Moore ’27

“I started doing art seven years ago, and as I kid I welded.”

Reef Persons 24
Reef Persons ’24

“Art is an outlet for stress.”

Sean Woojin Kearney ‘26
Sean Woojin Kearney ‘26

“Art to me is a lot of things, but I know it’s important because I’m pretty sure it’s our perception of reality, which is like everything.”

Tair Lowe 26
Tair Lowe ’26

“The ring is in a circle shape and the leaf represents life.”

Stella Hunter 25
Stella Hunter ’25

“I’ve always done drawing with crayons as a kid. I started to take it seriously in middle school  and I started an art account.”


Sariah Stuzman 25
Sariah Stuzman ’25

“I have a dream of making art and owning a jewelry business.”

Eric Clark 27
Eric Clark ’27

“Art is a way of making life look better, even the ‘bad’ pieces of art show an altered reality which makes it easier to see through that lense.”

Nicolas Davis 25
Nicolas Davis ’25

“Art means a lot to me because in a way it is a part of me. I’ve always turned to some form of art when I need to escape from my problems or when life seems to be too much and too hard to handle. When I was going through tough times, I was able to turn to art to essentially create my own world and express myself in ways that I can’t really do out loud. Art has also helped me make many of the friends that I have today.”

Adeline Lasswell 24
Adeline Lasswell ’24

“Art means having fun forever and doing whatever you want.”

Charlie Schneiter 26
Charlie Schneiter ’26

“Art to me is escaping from reality but also being in your own world and not worrying about what’s happening around you.”

April Stevens-Mason ‘25
April Stevens-Mason ‘25

“I made this ring for my dad who passed away. I started art almost three years ago with my dad.”

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