Oscar nominee review: The Great Beauty


Rebecca Wen

The Great Beauty is an Italian film laden with beautiful scenes, from dazzling parties to the historic sights of Rome. After celebrating his sixty-fifth birthday with an extravagant party, Jep Gambardella begins to lose interest in being the king of the high life.

Award-winning actor Toni Servillo plays Jep Gambardella, a journalist who wrote one successful novel years ago. Gambardella’s wry smiles, expressive eyebrows, distinguished gait and tailored suits all identify him as a clever, charming man. The film presents Gambardella’s reevaluation of his life, which initially seemed desolate. But it later made me think that since we all struggle alone in search of meaning, we are not quite alone.

Besides Jep Gambardella, there are several other unique characters. A son who has gone insane, an intelligent, middle-age stripper, and a poet who never speaks are just a few worth mentioning.

During the two hours and twenty-two minutes of The Great Beauty, I felt lost, empty, inspired, spiteful, and envious. But the beautiful scenery provided a relief from my pool of emotions.

The movie is one to watch repeatedly, either for its thought-provoking statements, or simply, for its beautiful scenes.

Below is a trailer for The Great Beauty: