Meet the cast of Theatre West’s Cinderella


Allie Biscupski, Online Managing Editor

Videos compiled by Megumi Kitamoto

Photo by Chanel Vidal

Each spring, Theatre West puts on a musical, and this year’s musical is Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. From people onstage, backstage and in the pit orchestra, the hard work of all involved is showcased during four shows from April 16-18.

In order to prepare, the cast has rehearsals after school every school day with a specific agenda for each day.

“On Monday, the choreographers come in and Tuesday is songs, so we learn a variety of songs with the choir teachers. On Wednesday through Friday, we go chronologically with [director Katy] Nahra,” said Annika Johannsen ’15, who plays the role of Cinderella.

According to Noah Tiegs ’16, who plays the role Prince Christopher, the addition of other elements of the musical comes after rehearsing the music.

“We’ll start to get a flow to it, and by the end we’ll start adding lights and sound and props and set and add things very gradually,” Tiegs said.

However, some cast members had a head start in preparation because the Nolte Academy of Dance put on Cinderella over the summer. One example is Ashlynn Dale ’16, who plays the stepmother for the Theatre West production but played the queen in Nolte’s production.

“I was in Cinderella in the summer for Nolte, so being in that, I knew the show already and it helped me get the upper hand. I also got some ideas from the girl that played the stepmother [in the Nolte production].” Dale said.

Piper Wenzel ’16, who plays Joy, a step-sister, was also onstage for Nolte’s Cinderella production in a similar role.

“Since I was in Nolte’s Cinderella [as the other step-sister Grace], that kind of helped me prepare because I already knew all of the lines and the songs already,” Wenzel said.

Leela Bassuk ’16 plays Grace, a stepsister, was also involved.

“I actually was in the Cinderella in the pit [orchestra] at Nolte this summer, so I got to hear what was happening from below,” Bassuk said.

Regardless of whether they had previous experience with the musical, cast members had different methods in preparing for their respective roles.

“I learned the music through the Cinderella soundtrack on Spotify. I know all of the prince’s songs and basically the whole musical. I would go home at 6 and then probably listen to [the soundtrack] until 8 or 9,” said Austin Wicke ’15, who plays Lionel, the prince’s assistant.

Madison Voigt ’15 also made preparations for her role as the fairy godmother.

“I [prepared] for an audition specifically for the musical … through singing and some acting lessons,” Voigt said.

Whether it is through serious or comedic roles, the leads of Cinderella will enchant the audience.