Ellie Gretter, Sports Editor

West Side Story: When did you first start running?

Kolby Greiner: I started running when I was in fifth grade, going into sixth grade, and they weren’t really big races. I’d do a 5k every once in awhile and then I just started getting hooked on it.

WSS: Do you prefer cross country or track?

KG: I prefer cross country; it is definitely my favorite sport.

WSS: Who is your biggest supporter and encourager?

KG: I’d say my dad. He’s paid for me to go to so many USATF (United States of America Track and Field) meets and AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) meets. He’s really taken me all around the United States to run.

WSS: What is your best memory from previous seasons?

KG: I would say winning the Junior High Cross Country Championship, that was definitely a pretty good memory because the season before I had gotten third at state. I remember all the summer before working really hard to try and win the state championships.

WSS: What is your favorite memory so far this season?

KG: I would say my best memory was when we were doing a new drill called ‘Oregon Drills.’ Coach Martz was pretty proud of us because the Varsity team stayed out there longer than anyone else even though none of us wanted to keep going.

WSS: How has your older brother’s [Kaleb Greiner ’14] success in running helped you?

KG: I have gone to a lot of his state track meets and when I saw him fall on the track and give it his all in the Distance Medley. I understood what I had to do to be like him. He’s always motivated me to work hard and said that he would be there every step of the way.

WSS: Where is your favorite place to run and why?

KG: My absolute [favorite] place to run is Southpoint Trails. It’s very beautiful out there and you can run right alongside the lake.

WSS: What happened at the Pella? Describe the race.

KG: That’s never happened to me before. But I was running and leading the race and at 2.5 miles something hit me, like a wall. I was about ready to pass out but something inside of me kept going and I honestly don’t know what it was. But when I crossed the line I blacked out and I think I tripped over someone. When they got me back to the tent they said I had heat stroke.

WSS: What has the transition from junior high to high school been like?

KG: Coach Martz has really helped the transition. He helped me get used to the morning practices during the summer and also really stresses how important it is to get good grades and do our homework.

WSS: What is your favorite part about cross country?

KG: My favorite part about cross country are the competitions and hanging out with my friends Ali Ali ’17 and Jeff Garbutt ’18.