BPA members place at National Leadership Conference

Seven teams and individuals earned the title of “National Finalist”

Alex Carlon, Online Editor-in-Chief

West’s Business Professionals of America chapter attended the National Leadership Conference (NLC) in Anaheim, California on April 29 – May 5. The chapter took 30 students, all of who qualified for NLC by placing in the top three at the State Leadership Conference in February. Attendees competed in both judged events and tests that evaluated their knowledge of the world of business.

At the conference 15 attendees placed in the top 12 and were awarded medals on the national stage. Below are the placements:


4th Place – Economic Research Team

Nate Nelson ’20, Zhui Zhui Chen ’20, Breno Sader ’19, Francis Dai ’19


4th Place – Presentation Management Team

Grace Heller ’19, Aidan Yamashita ’19, Tanner Heiar ’19


6th Place – Administrative Support Research Project

Alex Carlon ’21


6th Place – Website Design Team

Lucas Sorensen ’19, Isabelle Paulsen ’21


9th Place – Presentation Management Team

Kiah Martin ’19, Conner Hopkins ’19, Olivia Dachtler ’19


12th Place – Economic Research Individual

Emily Cray ’19


12th Place – Entrepreneurship

Sophia Davis ’21