Would you rather?


Jenna Wang, Editorial Editor

Kerri Barnhouse – English

Would you rather have Frankenstein stalking you or have a famous poet write about your flaws?

Probably Frankenstein – it would force me to get some exercise having to run from him.


Ann Rocarek – English

Would you rather get stuck in an elevator with Sweeney Todd, Mrs. Lovett, or the Beggar woman?

Can I pick none? I’m actually going to go with Sweeney on this one. Lovett is definitely more evil than Sweeney and I’m not sure I have enough gold coins to keep the Beggar Woman at bay!


Katy Nahra – English

Have to be in your own play and it being a success or having no input in a play and having it fail?

Be in the play, because it would be a success


Donna Beckner – Math

Would you rather teach math you don’t know or have a random student each day teach you math you already know?

Teach math I don’t know because then I would learn something too.


David Haas – Choir

This one is easy!

Teaching kids music without a piano is something within my skill set.

Learning a show choir dance myself is pretty far beyond it.


Teresa Bozer – Spanish

Never be able to use WordReference again or never be able to use a textbook again?

Never use a textbook again because WordReference provides a wealth of vocabulary and verb conjugations.


Jon Bach – Math

Would you rather go for an entire month without coffee or go an entire month without open periods?

Entire month without coffee.  Open periods are one of the greatest inventions of all time