Film club to show “Ghostbusters” for their first fundraiser of the year

Film club is going to screen “Ghostbuster” (1984) as a fundraiser in the little theater this Friday, Nov. 9.


Sara Baroncini

A very busy afternoon in film club for several students who are grinding out their projects.

Jack Harris, Online Copy Editor and Arts Editor

Next Friday, Nov. 8, Film Club is hosting their first event of the year: a screening of the 1984 classic, “Ghostbusters,” in the little theater. Admission is free, and popcorn and other snacks will be available for purchase.

Though free admission is a risk for the club, they have high hopes that it will pay off.

“Last year we made admission $2 per person,” said club president Kailey Gee. “So this year we decided to try free admission for at least for the first one, just to see if it brings more people.”

This Friday’s screening is the first of Film Club’s several yearly events.

“We’re planning to have three in total.” Gee said,”So this is our Halloween/fall one. And then, next time, we’re planning to play ‘Shrek,’” Gee explained. “We’ve just heard from a lot of people that they would want us to play Shrek.” Film Club is also planning a big end-of-year event. “Our third [screening] is going to be sort of a showcase of all the films that we’ve made.” said Gee.

Recently Iowa City has endured a combination of spooky season and winter weather, and since the screening has a comfy theme with blankets and pajamas encouraged, it fits the collision of the seasons perfectly. However, this comfy theme wasn’t originally planned.

“When we first wanted to register the Little Theater SPIT had it occupied because they were scheduled to be practicing in it.” Gee said. “So [we were going to use] the cafeteria and then just have people sit on blankets and stuff. So we were planning to do that until [Katy] Nahra said SPIT had changed their plan and that we could use a Little Theater. So we decided we’ll just keep the comfy theme.”

Also available for purchase will be raffle tickets. Tickets are only 50 cents and attendees can buy multiple tickets for each raffle. The tickets will be for sale during lunch on Thursday and Friday. The prizes to be won are certainly worth the 25 cents and include a Dustin from “Stranger Things” funko pop, a ghostbuster outfit, a mini film kit, and lastly Sydney McDermott has agreed to a raffle where the winner gets to choose a dance for her to perform. 

With free admission, the raffle tickets and snack sales are going to be a big deal for the club. Gee explained further saying,“Last year was the first year of the club, and we raised about like $250 from our fundraisers. Right now, I’m trying to save up for a video camera that we can use specifically for Film Club, because we always have to borrow it from the journalism room or just use our phones. So, I feel like being able to have a camera that’s all access, would be really great.”

If you’re interested in joining Film Club, they meet every Tuesday right after school in room 17, and are sponsored by science teacher Marshal Moellers.