SSIKED holds successful Diversity Dinner

SSIKED held their annual Diversity Dinner on Nov. 18, which featured a wide array of food and performances celebrating the diversity of West students.


Fareeha Ahmad

Attendees of the Diversity Dinner enjoyed food from a variety of different cultural groups.

Fareeha Ahmad, Profiles Editor and Yearbook Copy Editor

Ending off the trimester strong on Nov. 18, the Successful Students Inspired Through Education and Diversity (SSIKED) club invited families and students to enjoy a dinner in honor of the diversity seen at West everyday. Students indulged in foods ranging from the classic Indian pakora to tasty Mexican rice. While individuals gathered around the tables in the cafeteria with plates piled with food, students also engaged the guests with powerful pieces of poetry and dance. 

The K-Pop group, Seoul Connections, performed a dance to “Run Away” by TXT; Claudé Clark ’22 presented a piece entitled “A Gas Station;” Ayah ElGaddal ’20 read her poem “Gaza;” and Khlood Saeed ’20 voiced her poem “Human.” All did so in front of the multiple flags representing a few of the many countries around the world. 

“For the four years I have done SSIKED, I have always loved Diversity Dinner because it’s a great way for families and friends to come together to enjoy amazing acts and great food,” Saeed, one of the organizers of the dinner said. “The cultural part of the dinner is great too, and gets people to expand their knowledge of different types of food they had never tried.” 

As students saw their peers get up to perform, more felt empowered to do so themselves. Bivan Shrestha ’22, was encouraged by Quincy Tate ’21 to perform his speech “The Golden Rule.” 

“For me, performing is always exciting because it lets me share to other people what I’ve worked on and evoke some sort of emotional response from them,” Shrestha said. “The night was nice. There was a lot of great food and … honestly just this wholesome feeling seeing everyone enjoy themselves and others culture.” 

Isabella Hoeger-Pinto ’20 , another coordinator of the event, agrees that the annual dinner opens up doors to learn and interact with many different people. 

“Diversity Dinner opens a space for the people of West High to both hear and express our unique voices and selves,” she said. 

The night ended with deserts and a warm feeling of gratitude as everyone congratulated each other on their wonderful performances.