Things to do while quarantined

The CDC has recommended social distancing to protect against COVID-19. Here are some things you can do while at home.

Maddy Smith, Visual Editor and Feature Editor

ICCSD has suspended all school and extracurricular activities through April 13 to prevent the mass spread of COVID-19. There is only so much lying around a person can do, so here are some things ways to spend your time while social distancing. 

  1. Do themed movie days. Speaking from experience, it is very easy to become bored just watching movies and binging TV shows all day. To avoid this burnout, do themed days. One day of movies before 2000, a day of childhood throwbacks, or a franchise marathon like Harry Potter. Happy binging!
  2. Read a book. Take the opportunity of being inside to dust off the bookshelf. Reading is a way to relax and get immersed in a story line without overstimulating your brain with blue light. Check out some of our book recommendations!
  3. Start an art project. Be it a quick doodle or a multi-step craft, the possibilities with art are limitless and can take place at home. YouTube is full of tutorials and fun crafts to do for kids of all ages. 
  4. Get into baking. With bakeries closing and self-isolation preventing a trip to satisfy a sweet tooth, the best option is to make things at home. Cookies, brownies, and cakes- oh my! Or, if sweets aren’t your style, savory snacks like seasoned pretzels, hummus, or sweet potato chips. Bread is quickly getting pulled off the shelves, so why not make your own?
  5. Take a breath of fresh air. Go outside and take a walk, ride a bike, go for a run. As long as you aren’t going to an area with lots of people, you can practice social distancing outside. Take a stroll, listen to some music, and collect your thoughts. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the conflicting information around COVID-19, so relax by working out and releasing endorphins. 
  6. Clean up. Spending time in a dirty or cluttered area is a recipe for stress, so wash those dishes and put away those clothes. Try reorganizing or rearranging a room to give it a new feel. Take control over the situation by scrubbing down the shower and disinfecting the counters. These measures can also help to prevent any germs or bacteria from lingering on surfaces. 
  7. Puzzles! The district has announced that teachers cannot assign work that students are required to complete, so it’s up to students to continue exercising their brains. If physical jig-saw puzzles are unavailable, there are many online sites that offer free puzzles. 
  8. Board games are a great way to pass the time and bond with others. Games like Scrabble or TriviaPursuit test one’s knowledge, while Monopoly is a longer game that tests strategy-and the strength of a relationship if it gets intense. Candyland, Sorry and Connect4 are great games to play with kids. 
  9. Catch up on missing assignments. Since most classes are put on hold (AP and concurrent classes being exceptions), this is an opportune time to catch up on anything students have fallen behind on. 
  10. Reconnect with family. It’s easy to disconnect during the school year, being busy with assignments and sports. With elementary school closing, offer to watch younger siblings for parents. Eat meals together. Take this opportunity to bond with siblings again, grow closer with parents and play with pets. 
  11. Facetime old friends. Isolation is hard, so is spending extended time with family. Chances are, other friends, feel the same way. Give a call to someone that you are used to talking to at school every day, or reach out to someone you’ve fallen out of touch with. 

We are making a stronger community together by staying apart. It is your job to listen to the CDC guidelines and stay safe.