Road of Memories

Personally, I wanted to spice up my project a bit so I decided to think of my own topic for my photos. I came up with the idea for my topic to be ‘Road of Memories’ while I was on a walk to take the pictures for the project. I thought of it because when I was walking back home I looked at my pictures and noticed that all of them but one were of houses so I just decided to make it about memories connected to those places since they are all houses in my neighborhood. Aside from the convenience of the topic, I think that it would be really cool to share childhood memories with people through photography. I think that my project turned out really well. The writing part was naturally pretty easy for me since it was based on my memories. I’d say that the hardest part of this project was transferring from website to website and uploading them.

I’ve walked by this house many many times in my life and it has taken the cake for the most interesting house in my neighborhood. There were a couple of times where I was walking past this house and 3 cats were on the yard guarding it. The most recent time that I walked past it smelled strongly like old lady flower perfume and fruit punch.

This might sound really bad compared to the other ones but when I was a child I really wanted to kick over at least one of those potted plants leading up to this person’s house. Normally I didn’t think about those kinds of things but when it came to these specific potted plants my little brain really wanted to kick them over.

I decided to take a picture of my old elementary school at this angle because it brought back a specific memory from when I was in, I’m pretty sure, 5th grade. My school hit a goal so our principal camped on the roof for a night. Even though I didn’t think of it then currently I have a lot of questions about how that even worked.

I used to walk past this house with my mom and brother on walks when I was younger. There used to be flowers next to the staircase on either side. There were a couple of times that I walked up and down the stairs and since I was small at the time the stairs seemed really steep. I also would imagine that the staircase were stairs in a royal garden. I bet that the person who owns the house hated it when I walked on their stairs.





This fence has been knocked down for as long as I’ve known. I don’t have a single memory of this fence upright. I always wondered what had to happen for this fence to get knocked over like that and why the owners never fixed it.





When I first saw these three houses when I was a kid I was really curious if these people were friends or if they even know each other. I thought that it would be the perfect setup to have a barbeque right in the middle of the intersection.