2021 is looking to be the most transphobic year yet

I’m a trans teen. Being politically involved is my strong suit and there has been a lot to be involved with this year.

So far this year, 127 anti-transgender bills have be introduced into states houses across the nation this year. Trans murder rates are looking to double last years numbers, which was already a record number. Last year’s number was 44, which may not seem like a lot, but if you consider the fact that there are probably as many trans people as there are left handed people and there are not so many of those who are trans who live very openly. Add in the fact that police might not realize someone was trans and report it as a murder or hate crime against another group, and you realize there were probably more murders and it is a small group.

I mentioned how many anti trans bills that have been entered this year, 127. This has to deal with the murder rate since this legislation seems to have an impact even when it is not passed. This legislation sends the message that trans people, and trans children, are to not be believed, thought of as equal, thought of as trustworthy, respected, nor thought of as a human being that deserves to be alive. These bills have an impact on whose life is valued and by how much, even when they are not passed, and when they are passed they emphasize the fact that the legislature does not value trans people. It is even harsher on trans youth, since at the youth is where the bills are targeted, saying that boys will transition (an expensive treatment with side effects that cis boys do not want usually) just to cheat in girls sports, and other nonsense like that. This most likely comes from the fact adults do not listen to youth nor believe women, whether they are trans women or they are trans men (who they believe are just confused, traitorous women), and they do not trust that people can make decisions for themselves. This is big government taking away rights, like forcing people to not be allowed to get hormones, I would say they do not allow surgery either but that is already not allowed, because doctors do not like operating on kids unless medically necessary. Even if there is someone who will try to cut off their own boobs and such since they cannot get surgery (doing so without proper medical instruments, extra blood, antiseptic, anesthesia, and pain meds will most certainly kill you, do not perform your own surgery just use this time to accrue money for surgery) since the amount of dysphoria it gives them makes their life a living hell, they will most likely force them to wait until they are 18 still. Gender reassignment surgery is NOT performed on minors. Let me stress this, under 18, just hormones, like any teen gets naturally. They would first get puberty blockers, which in the case for AFAB trans people, can be very beneficial since they then do not develop boobs unless they want to later on. Not developing boobs can make it so they do not need top surgery if they want it. This would prevent a need for top surgery and would be good since all surgeries for all things (trans and non-trans related) are expensive, dangerous no matter how needed, and are almost always best to be avoided if possible. Whether it is a cis women getting breast implants or a cis man enlarging stuff, surgery is best to be avoided.

There are bills that ban doctors from performing medical care, which seems like a bad idea since I do not know of many politicians that have medical PHDs. The amount of medical organizations against these bills are high. There are these bills that criminalize doctors for providing needed and helpful medical care then there are bills that criminalize the parents, or just one proposed bill hopefully. This bill is Texas Senate Bill 1646. Two weeks ago this bill was in committee and open to public comment, a mother of a young trans son and a 10 year old trans girl testified against this anti-trans bill. The mother got death threats and got a voice message telling her all the ways she should kill herself. The 10 year old girl got death threats as well and her parents are now keeping her off the internet since it got so bad.

I do not care what your politics are, threatening a 10 year old is wrong. Does not matter if that 10 year old is trans, cis, white, black, or anything or anyone else. They are 10, they are a child, 10 year olds should not get death threats. If you are ashamed that this is happening, spread the word. Get as many people outraged by this as possible. Same with someone saying someone should kill them self, (this is wrong at any age, the previous one is also wrong at any age but I know that my hope in humanity is not that high). Get people outraged who will then put pressure on companies to stop business with states that pass these anti-trans bills, these politicians will listen to money but not much else. Get people to vote, change people’s minds. I may write a piece about how to explain being trans one day so people have a quick and easy to understand guide to show people and show that trans people are people. They are humans, they have value, they are worthy of life, just like everyone else.