Weekly News Wrap-Up

Co-News Editor Audrey Parrish discusses schedules for next year, cameras in classrooms, strikes in Canada and other top stories you might have missed this week.

Hi everyone and welcome back to this week’s WSS Weekly News Wrap Up! I’m your host, Audrey Parrish, and today I’ll be bringing you an overview of what happened in the news this week at West, in Iowa, in the US, the world, and a bit of weird, fun news to top it all off. Let’s get started!

I’d just like to remind everyone that your schedule for next year should be submitted by Friday, February 18 which is next week! So make sure to enter the classes you want to take in Infinite Campus by then!

The Iowa House was working on a bill that would require all public schools to have cameras in their classrooms so that parents and guardians would be able to see what kids were learning. However, this bill died on Wednesday, preventing this bill from becoming a law.

On Monday Stacy Abrams, a Georgia Democrat who is currently running for Governor faced backlash after posting a photo on Twitter without a mask in an elementary school. She was visiting the school to read a story for black history month and has since deleted the tweet.

In world news, thousands of truckers in Canada are currently on strike, in an extremely controversial protest against Covid-19 mandates. They have blocked off a bridge between Ontario and Detroit, which is used to transport 25% of all goods that travel between Canada and America. On social media and in interviews, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was worried about how this strike will affect Canada’s economy and supply chains. Agreeing with the Prime Minister, GoFundMe is refusing to deliver the $7.8 million that has been donated to the truckers. The company had originally announced that it would redirect this money to other organizations and charities but many criticized this decision, and GoFundMe later decided to refund the money instead.

On Monday, a wild Indonesian Crocodile was freed from a motorcycle tire. This tire had been stuck around its neck for six years. There has been an ongoing effort to help this crocodile since 2016, but all previous attempts had been unsuccessful. It was finally captured by a bird catcher, who then sawed the tire off although how the tire got stuck around the crocodile’s neck is still unknown.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you all next week!