Weekly news wrap-up

Co-News Editor Audrey Parrish discusses international effects of the Ukraine Crisis, Iowa primaries and the world’s oldest tree.


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Hi everyone and welcome back to this week’s West Side Story Weekly News Wrap Up! Today I’ll be bringing you an overview of what happened in the news this week at West, in Iowa, in the US, and the world, and a bit of weird, fun news to top it all off. Let’s get started!

In world news, the Ukraine crisis is causing ripple effects that are devastating to developing countries. Increasing inflation and interest rates, as well as shortages in food and fuel, have led to the collapse of Sri Lanka’s government, and 70 other countries could follow.

21 people were killed and 17 were injured in a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas last Tuesday, just two days before the school year ended on Thursday. President Biden will be traveling there on Sunday to honor those who were killed.

The Iowa primaries will be on Tuesday, June 7, to choose the Republican and Democratic nominees for different federal and state positions. These nominees will then be elected on November 8. Anyone who will turn 18 on or before November 8, 2022, will be eligible to vote in the primaries next week.

I don’t think anyone needs reminding, but there are only two days left of the school year. We will not have school Monday, because of Memorial Day, but will have a full day Tuesday and a one-hour early release on Wednesday, June first, the last day of school.

This week, a study was done on a tree at the Alerce Costero national park in Los Rios, Chile. This study found that the tree was estimated to be up to 5,484 years old, which would make it the world’s oldest tree. If these results are accurate this tree, with a trunk over four meters wide, would be older than what was previously thought to be the oldest tree, which is only 4,853 years old.

Have a great summer and I’ll see you all next year!