Why Community?

A great TV show with the question why it is so underrated


“Community” is a TV show that has been overshadowed and needs a place to shine. It’s rated TV-14 and was created in 2009 and has received more than good reviews yet “Community” is still not watched by very many people in comparison to other shows similar like “The Office” and “Brooklyn nine-nine”. These shows couldn’t be more similar, all these shows have classic TV tropes like a dynamic comedy duo like Abed and Troy or Jake and Boil, some weird or quirky one like Dwight or Ben Chang, someone all about business like Annie and Angela and Amy, two of the main cast falling in love like Jeff and Annie or Jim and Pam, and all of them have a lot of TV references. So if these shows are so similar why didn’t they get the same amount of views and why is it so underrated. This is what I mean when I ask the question why “Community”?

Most of the time, with these types of shows there are all about several or more group members in a place made to be all business but instead of people all about business, they are all either funny and have some renowned comedians. “Community” is just like any of the shows that would fit in this category. It’s well-directed with a great cast of extremely funny people and is just overall downright hilarious. 

“Community” more specifically is about seven people that have hit rock bottom in their lives and go to an extremely bad community college known as Greendale where they all attempt to graduate. They first meet as a study group for a Spanish class and the teacher is Ben Chang played by the famous comedian Ken Jeong. More famous comedians go in and out of the show as it goes on like the stand-up comedian Donald Glover, Nick Kroll, Randal Park, Adam DeVine, and a whole lot more.

You would think that “Community” would do well and strive with its good rating, cast, and flow but the show didn’t get enough views. The main problem is “The Office”, one of the biggest TV shows ever. First, they are both in the same category of romantic comedy or rom-com and both shows were aired at similar times. “The Office” went from 2005 to 2013 and “Community” went from 2009 to 2014 and 2015 but it was on a different streaming service. This shows how “The Office” overlaps with “Community”.

The show Community didn’t have all that many views while on air but on Netflix, it had some spotlight and got a lot more views. “The Office” on the other hand has a total of 11.20 million viewers opposed to “Communities” about 3 million on air. This could have something to do with “The Office” ending and people wanting something new. Even after both shows were done being on-air they both went to Netflix, “Community” went on Netflix in April of 2020, and then “The Office” on October 23 of 2021, but for some reason, not as many people watched “Community” but everyone watched “The Office”. Now that “The Office” is no longer on Netflix this will probably change and hopefully, more people will get to enjoy “Community”.


Some would argue that “The Office” was just that much better, but it’s not. Look at any professionally made site about rating shows or movies and you will see that one is not always better than the other. For instance, if you just look up ratings it shows that “The Office” has a four-point eight out of five in reviews of common people and an eighty-one percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and “Community” as previously stated has a four-point seven and an eighty-eight percent on Rotten Tomatoes. I’m not saying “Community” is the best and is the only good show I’m just saying that it is very underrated and I believe it is an extremely underrated TV show.

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